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Some random information about me

I am a converted waterphobe who decided to take up whitewater kayaking in August 2010 after a lifetime of not being able to swim or go near water in any way shape or form. This is my little kayaking blog that will show my progression, and I also hope will serve as inspiration to those who also have phobias, particularly of water, and who would really like to overcome them. I also hope that those who want some inspiration to get out there and do something a little more than sitting at home watching TV or doing DIY at the weekends will find this blog of use.

I love all aspects of the outdoors, and I am just as happy walking on the hills in the pouring rain as I am in the sun or on the water!

In my ‘real’ life, I am a video producer, cameraman, and video editor of over 20 years industry experience supplying services through my company Five Element Productions and providing UAV aerial filming through It Came From The Sky I am also Deputy Editor for RedShark News, writing video industry based news stories, as well as reviewing the latest camera gear.

8 comments on “About

  1. Loving the blog, lots of really useful and engaging articles! We’d be more than happy to have you review any of our products if you’d be up for it… just give us a shout on 🙂

    Kind Regards,
    Pyranha HQ

    1. kayakjournal says:

      Hi Mathew, Thanks for the comment. I have sent you an email.

      1. Cheers, I’ve seen it and will reply asap!

  2. Dave says:

    Just came across your blog…really good.

  3. Hi Matthew-you written some seriously good stuff on this blog. In less than eight years you’ve gone from a newbie to some one who has a really good grasp of the whole WW industry.
    Your info about river access is a point I often find myself discussing with our club members “oh you can’t go down that bit of river, it’s private…”. Yes you can! I’ve even offered myself up as the go-to guy to politely argue the toss with any landowner trying his luck.
    You think you started late at 35, well I started in Sept 2015 at 51 and this year I have been actively learning playboating. You’re so right about this. Any playboater can run WW downhill but any downhill creeker can’t necessarily playboat. Keep up the good work.



    1. kayakjournal says:

      Hi Marc, thank you for your kind words about the blog! That’s great to hear about the play boating!


  4. Brian says:

    Really enjoy the blog and has kept me busy reading for ages.
    Any thoughts on what it is like to be little? Or big for that matter?
    Some bigger guys just seem to bully their way through anything that gets in their path.
    I seem to be about your weight – I am somewhere between 10 and 10.5 stone.
    I rarely if ever look at a boat and think it is too small for me, in fact a small Waka, the Stout comes in at about 310 liters, feels massive.
    I have a small Jed – is my weight against me? Should I jack up my sitting position?
    Any tips at all for us “titchy uns”?

    1. kayakjournal says:

      It’s a difficult one for sure. It depends on where you have a slight or stocky build and your general power to weight. Some smaller people can paddle quite big boats for their size, eg Noria Neuman. She’s a powerhouse despite her small stature. Jacking up the sitting position will certainly help, as will making sure your technique is developing as much power as it can, as efficiently as it can.

      My criteria as to whether a boat is too big is whether I can hold it on edge properly. I’ve found that some of the Waka boats, despite their huge volume, actually feel like much smaller boats on the water. I paddled a Gangsta once, which on paper is about two sizes too big for me, but I had an absolute blast in it. So it really depends. The best way to find a boat is to try one (almost impossible right now though!) Don’t get too hung up on the paper specs.

      Sometimes it’s about recalibrating the mind. Sometimes if you are used to paddling small boats then anything larger can feel huge. So it can be about taking time to getting used to something different as well.

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