Some random information about me

I am a converted waterphobe who decided to take up whitewater kayaking in August 2010 after a lifetime of not being able to swim or go near water in any way shape or form. This is my little kayaking blog that will show my progression, and I also hope will serve as inspiration to those who also have phobias, particularly of water, and who would really like to overcome them. I also hope that those who want some inspiration to get out there and do something a little more than sitting at home watching TV or doing DIY at the weekends will find this blog of use.

I love all aspects of the outdoors, and I am just as happy walking on the hills in the pouring rain as I am in the sun!

In my ‘real’ life, I am a video producer, cameraman, and video editor of over 20 years industry experience supplying services through my company Five Element Productions and providing UAV aerial filming through It Came From The Sky I am also a regular writer for RedShark News, writing video industry based news stories, as well as reviewing the latest camera gear.

The film and video world is one that is contained in a bubble, and so as soon as time allows  you will find me escaping onto the water whenever I can!

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