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No hints and tips in this post, just kayak porn. Flat water freestyle to be precise.

Regular readers here know the score. I like flat water freestyle. A lot. It allows me to get out in a boat when I can’t get to white water, and it is absolutely great fun to do on a hot summers day or evening.

So here’s a few of the best and most inspiring flat water freestyle demos on the internet. Some old, some newer.

Delmotte Vivian

One of the best flat water technicians, sadly not very active any more. He has a number of videos on YouTube, all excellent, but hey, I like this one for the tune.

Delmotte Vivian

Coyo Morita

Coyo is a legend, end of. His flat water skills are simply epic. Like Delmotte Vivian, he is no longer active on YouTube or social media, which is a great shame. This video is one of many, including videos where he takes old school boats that you didn’t think were loopable, and then, well, he loops them sky high! Come back Coyo!

Coyo Morita

Bartosz Czauderna

Bartosz, along with his Polish teammates Tomasz Czaplicki and Zofia Tula are not only three of the best freestyle kayakers in the world, but they are all exceptional flat water freestyle technicians. Their skill is brought about by a combination of a lack of local white water, and very cold winters, which force them to spend much of their time honing their skills in a swimming pool.

Both are so skilled at it that Bartosz and Tomasz reached the finals in the squirt boat category at the World Championships in 2017 in Argentina in their freestyle boats! The videos below are a few years old. They are even more skilled now!

Bartosz Czauderna
Zofia Tula
Tomasz Czaplicki

Brenno Prakken

Brenno Prakken is another fantastic flat water technician, this time based in the Netherlands. Again, there isn’t much in the way of white water there, so the best way to keep skills sharp ready for when he can get on the white stuff is to practice flat water techniques.

Brenno Prakken

The Kellogg kids

No, not related to the breakfast cereals (or are they?) the Kellogg family is quite prolific in kayaking right now, with their offspring competing at very high levels around the world. Whilst mostly known for their white water exploits they are also a bit handy at the flat water stuff too.

The Kellogg family

Gregorii Ergin

Lastly, here’s a great demo by Russian paddler Gregorii Ergin in the new Exo Kayaks Helixir. I don’t know a lot about Gregorii, although I have been seeing some impressive flat water demos coming out of the Russian paddlers, and they appear to hold regular flat water freestyle competitions over there.

Gregorii Ergin

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