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Five Ten Canyoneer 3

Five Ten Canyoneer 3

Five Ten Canyoneers have been a staple shoe for those wanting rock solid footwear for the river. The Canyoneer boot has been through two previous incarnations, and now a third has been released.

Previous versions of the boot were not exactly known for longevity! A common complaint was the sole coming away from the upper after only a short period of use. Can this new version of the Canyoneer solve such issues?

In 2011 Five Ten was acquired by Adidas Group. Many will be aware that Adidas are the main sponsors of the Sickline extreme creek race event in Austria. They often sold limited edition creek boots there with the Adidas brand name, and they bore a marked resemblance to this new version of the Canyoneer. If this is indeed the same boot then we can assume that it has been tested extensively by the Adidas athletes for quite some time, which should hopefully bode well for their construction quality. Five Ten make claim to have tackled the delamination issues of previous versions specifically.

Five Ten Canyoneer 3

Five Ten Canyoneer 3

What’s new?

The new version of the Canonyeer boot is markedly different from the previous one. Gone are the velcro straps and in come laces to replace them. The lacing system of the new boot is quite well thought out. Once the laces are tightened they occupy only a very narrow channel in order to reduce any chances of snagging. The remainder of the laces can then be tucked into a built in pocket at the top of the lace run, to further reduce the snag hazard.

The tread lugs have been redesigned and are deeper for more grip, while the outer material of the top part of the shoe isa combination of smooth rubberised plastic and fabric mesh. This should not only offer an improved construction, but gives the boot a nice streamlined look, too.

Inside the boot you will again find a smooth rubber sole. This is a great move because it drastically reduces the chances of the boot developing any acrid smells!

Five Ten Canyoneer 3

Five Ten Canyoneer 3

In use

The Canyoneer 3 is comfortable on the feet. It doesn’t feel too heavy and clompy while walking around, and the laces are smooth to do up, and easy to create a good tightness with. The stow away mesh pocket to prevent snagging works well, too. The construction feels very solid, although time will tell as to how well the design improvements in this regard will work.

The rubber material that has been used for much of the construction, including the inside sole, makes cleaning easy. A quick hosedown and the mud and dirt falls off easily. The use of minimal clothy material with no neoprene should hopefully mean that they will stay without smell much more easily than other boots.

Grip during walking on slippery surfaces was good. Perhaps the rubber on the tread could be softer, although this would mean a higher wear rate.

Five Ten Canyoneer 3

Five Ten Canyoneer 3

Try before you buy

The new Canyoneers are clearly an improvement on previous versions, however if you are considering a pair you should be mindful of their size. Canyoneers are not flexible like neoprene boots or softer creek shoes such as the now discontinued Teva Cherrybombs. So I would highly recommend, no insist that you try a pair while sitting in your boat. In my Veloc and size 8.5 feet I really had to wedge my feet in.


The Canyoneer 3 does appear to be a decent improvement on the previous incarnations of this boot. It has a good set of features, and should hopefully last a decent amount of time.

At an RRP of £125 these are not an inexpensive purchase, although Canoe & Kayak Store who kindly supplied the shoes for review are currently selling them for £109.95.

Canoe and Kayak Store

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