More roll practice

Recently I contacted a guy called Dave Sibley, who lives in the US. I saw a video of his where he performed multiple types of paddle based rolls, as well as hand rolls. Dave was kind enough to offer me some tips on improving my roll, which I then put into practice in the next pool session. My C to C roll has now gone a bit more ‘hybrid’, but is a lot smoother than my rolling was previously. I was also able to perform the sweep roll unhindered when I combined it with another small modification (leaning the torso back when I rotate it to the back deck on completion of the roll).

As many people who have trouble with the roll may know, a big problem can be punching with the rear arm. This is difficult to overcome because it is so instinctual to do. Dave’s suggestion, and how he teaches the roll, was that as soon as the paddle starts the sweep motion just hit your buoyancy aid strap with the rear hand.

I focussed on this as much as I could in the pool session, and although there was still a slight punchiness, it drastically improved my roll. It stopped the paddle diving, and the motion of trying to actually hit the strap also helped keep my head and torso down.

Anyway, here are the resulting rolls.

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