Superb video from Russia

Now THIS is how you make a trip video!

These guys have used a DSLR and a GoPro. They haven’t got any fancy camera sliders, just a simple tripod. This video is a lesson in that it shows that all you need is some good composition, good variety in shots, and some thought, to make a trip video that is interesting to watch. It is also a lesson that you do not need the latest and greatest fancy shmancy camera gear, dollies, sliders etc to make something good.

I can’t understand Russian, however it is clear that they show some background to the place that they are visiting (Edit: English subtitled version now available and replaced below), they capture interesting reactions from people on the banks, or preparing to run to intercut with the kayaking footage. Inserts such as this are so important, and yet I think this is the first kayaking video I have watched that has used them!

As far as I am concerned, this video is up there with Raindrop, which I posted up a few posts back.

2 thoughts on “Superb video from Russia

  1. Hi man!
    Thank you for nice review.
    In the background there are some words about the atmosphere of Norway, about the way the locals live and about nature. It is so incommon for Russians from cities!
    And also there are some sad words about the dams. I gave this interview preparing for the last run on Langedalselvi because of the currently buildin dam.

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