Top Ten Kayaking Video Cliches to Avoid

With more and more videos being made of kayaking trips, and with more and more people using more accessible editing equipment than ever before, it is inevitable that some people will come up with the same ideas. Again, and again, and again. Here are the top cliches to avoid if you want your kayaking trip video to be even remotely different from the pack!

  1. A GoPro mounted to the side of your car, or on the roof as you drive to the river.
  2. As above but sped up.
  3.  A GoPro mounted on your dashboard looking at you and your buddies as you drive to the river.
  4. As above but sped up.
  5. A GoPro either mounted to the front of your kayak or helmet, and the footage sped up to get to an interesting bit.
  6. A person drinking from their bootie after a swim (can we at least see the carnage that resulted in said bootie drink?)
  7. A damn timelapse shot! Please, no more timelapse shots, I beg of you!
  8. Company logos on your video even though they do not sponsor or pay you!
  9. Company logos on your video that do not fit properly and are distorted or go right up to the edges of the screen.
  10. Rap music. Okay, it’s personal taste, but it seems that kayaking and good taste in music rarely go together!
Actually there isn’t a whole lot there, which means that there is actually a lot of scope for variety if you think about it. The sped up shots are the worst offenders. Stop off, get some scenic shots (not time-lapse!) as you go to your drop off point. If you have someone who is acting purely as a shuttle bunny why not get them to do something while they wait and get some scenic shots on another camera if they have one?

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